I am a Brand/ a Marketer/ a CMO. How do I update myself as a brand?

Finding influencers on brand 360o is a simple process. All you have to do is Sign up on brand 360o with the information you are asked for and keep your profile up to date. Do not miss out on completing all details. Having a completed profile helps your brand gain credibility and authority among relevant influencers.

I am unable to use my personal id to sign up on brand 360o?

Brands are encouraged to add a company email account instead of a personal one. Brands are perceived with better credibility when available with a company email id. However, if you are a brand using a generic email id, please share your request as a brand with We will revert with a possible solution to bring you onboard.

I am a Brand/ a marketer/ a CMO. How do I find Influencers who can support my brand?

You need to sign up on brand 360o as a Brand and create a campaign. Creating a campaign is a simple 3-step process. Once, you have completed creating a campaign, with a simple search query you can start looking for influencers. brand 360o provides a unique score based on reach, relevance and resonance for every influencer profile on board.

You may also view their social network specific score. This will help you optimize your campaign effort.

How do I share a campaign proposal to an influencer?

Ensure that you have created a campaign and found relevant influencers to amplify your brand. Once, you have completed these two steps, send out your campaigns as proposals to those influencers. They receive notifications as soon as you submit a campaign.

The influencer has the discretion to accept or deny your campaign. Once, the influencer accepts your campaign, the work begins.

I am a Brand. Why do I have a score?

brand 360o calculates the score of a brand’s social profile too. This helps influencers on our community to find the most appropriate brands that meet their line of expertise, hence, bringing down the search time and increasing credibility.

What is long form and short form?

Long form, is the type of content that Influencers share on social sites that allow large pieces of content, both is size and characters.

Short form, is the type of content that Influencers share on social sites which come with character and size restrictions.

Should I provide the content or does the Influencer provide it for me?

Ensure that you add your preference of content creation or not in the campaign itself. The influencer would use this term as a decision making factor to accept or reject your proposal.

I don’t find my social networking site that I want to add

We constantly add new social sites that will help in building your Influencer score. Stay subscribed to our blog - CMO Troubleshooter where we share updates about the social sites that are being added to the bandwagon. If you have a specific request, please share your request to with a subject line - Add new social site.

I need help in creating my profile as a Brand. How can I reach your support team?

Feel free to share your request or feedback to and our team will revert with a response to help you create a profile.

When do I need to pay?

As soon as you mark that the campaign you proposed is completed, the payment would be initiated and completed by our payment gateway. Your Influencer would receive it!

Why am I being asked to top-up?

Each invite sent to an influencer equates to one credit. As your account extinguishes credits and reaches zero, you will be reminded to top-up your account by purchasing more credits. Please refer to our pricing plans for further details, available in your account. If you have any further questions, please reach out for assistance to

How to deactivate my account?

If you need any assistance with your account please reach out for assistance to However, if you have a strong reason to deactivitate/unsubscribe the account, please state your reason and send an email with the subject line [Deactivate Account] to