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about us

We heard you. With the customer becoming smarter and turning into someone who makes choices every minute, brands within their niche market are hazing out. brand 360o is that one platform that connects influencers and brands. Influencers and brands are equipped with a ‘Score’ calculated based on reach, relevance and resonance which is provided by a unique patented algorithm.

brand 360o is a panaromic brand management platform that has unified social listening, campaign management and influencer management. It is built to capture trends and competitive information across the digital universe. Marketers are equipped with dashboards to monitor as well as initiate ad campaigns across selected ad-platforms. This discovery platform hosts influencers, validated by a social impact score that is generated by an in-built algorithm responsive to dynamic social receptors. Our team is working towards building this platform that offers the most precise information about brands and influencers.


Team at brand 360o are a combination of persuaders, hackers and hipsters. Don’t be surprised! We have the perfect configuration of skill sets to drive this platform as the best experience for brands and influencers to connect with each other.