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How does brand 360o help you amplify?

why brand 360o?

brand 360o as an influencer marketing platform is created for both brands and influencers to engage and realize the fair value. This is augmented by the brand score generated which is calculated dynamically based on several parameters that determine reach, resonance and relevance. This score is available for the brand and influencer across all the digital platforms, one has subscribed to.

connection is the new currency

brand 360o for Influencers

Your Passion stays on…

brand 360o as a platform allows you to add more meaning to your Passion. You may come with the passion for writing, networking, photo blogging, communication or a complete spirit to amplify news. We have ensured that your passion stays alive and also adds value to a deserving brand story. You get to pick the story. You get to pick the brand. Your passion stays alive on brand 360o. If you are someone who comes with an ability to charm, influence, persuade or amplify with messaging skills, this is the place for you.

Make yourself available to every important connection

Few among the many know the secret sauce of one’s abilities. You know it! Hence, you should be found easily! brands and marketers constantly look for impactful influencers who could spread the word and communicate about their brand among the right people. brand 360o facilitates the search of influencers among brands, to be found easily.

Amplify Your Earnings

While you amplify a brand, you get to tap the potential to amplify your earnings and interact with undiscovered connections around the globe. brand 360o as a platform helps you complete the transaction online, hassle-free.

Opportunities are Infinite

The world is becoming flatter with searchable solutions. Your skills are made searchable and your potential customers can also be searched for on brand 360o. With search, your opportunities expound in bounty. They keep growing as you discover. Opportunities are infinite!

discover the undiscovered

brand 360o for brand owners and Marketers

Amplify Your brand

Effortless brand amplification is what a marketer or a brand manager always dreams of. Now, that is possible with a simple search backed by influencer credibility. Influencers who you look for are authenticated by a score that is valued by impact. Such impact, that results in reach, resonance and relevance. You will now know the direction that you are heading towards with no ambiguity.

More value to your marketing efforts

With brand 360o as your influencer marketing partner, you get to identify exactly who you would like to engage with based on the reach, ability to impact for lead generation/ sales/ downloads, etc or by geography, by sector and by target audience.

More meaning to your ROI

Your top most priority and objective is the optimal return on investment (ROI). You can clearly track your ROI on brand 360o after identifying and choosing influencers and assigning projects to them. You can design a campaign with an optimal combination of influencers that will even out your efforts and investment.

Explore hyperlocal- niche markets with your target audience

Scouting and searching for that perfect person who can create an impact is difficult to find outside digital world. Such difficulty is eliminated on brand 360o. High impact influencers who manage their own niche communities can now be found with a simple search based on micro criteria. Hyper local reach to your customer is no more a feat!