brand management platform with influencer marketing module

as a brand strategist, you can manage campaigns, influencers and listen to social trends and competitors’ buzz, all on a single platform. navigating across screens to gather information is eliminated on brand360. critical marketing metrics can be tracked on the analytics dashboard with reporting formats that could be shared with all stakeholders. ROI can be analyzed at a micro-level and tweaked carefully for better performance.

single dashboard for brand management. find resources & solutions

using brand360 to manage campaigns and influencers is an easy process with a quick set-up procedure. this step-by-step process would help you devise campaigns across different media, find influencers at hyper-local niche segments, listen to relevant trends and competition all across the digital universe. integrate media accounts and start optimizing.

simple sign up and brand management

brand information needs to be provided using 10-sec form that helps you position yourself on the platform while interacting with influencers. the profile set-up requires you to run through a quick 2-step integration process with different social media and share the input of keywords you wish to track for gathering trends.

campaign management & influencer marketing

as a brand, you can manage both paid media campaigns and influencer campaigns, integrated onto your dashboard. you can amplify word-of-mouth marketing using the influencers on the platforms and validate the spend using the influencer score. the platform helps you segment influencers based on reach, relevance and resonance.

social listening

the platform also enables you to gather trends, buzz and sentiment across different digital media channels based on your needs. trends can be tracked by configuring keywords you wish to track, not only on social media networks but also independent blogs, forums, news sites and so on.

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