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how to use brand 360o to find more brands?

how to use brand 360o?

Both brands and influencers leverage a simple 4-step process customized for each of you on your brand 360o dashboard. This is available right after you sign up.

1. Login

2. Search

3. Monitor

4. Analyze

influencers can make most by using brand 360o

Your influence Score

As you complete your profile, you will a receive a score that will indicate how you are performing within your specialized markets. It will indicate quantitative scope and areas of improvement based on the information you provide. Complete Your Profile to get the right score.

Find brands and networking opportunities

With your completed profile, you are led to search for brands on the platform and survey their scores and needs. You will also be exposed to multitude of earning opportunities and campaigns offered directly by brands.

Track Your Campaigns

When brands reach out to you, you can track diverse campaigns on your dashboard. You get to choose among the options offered by different brands. You can also check levels of progress across the different campaigns you have engaged with.

Review and Transact

You will transact without hassles. You can review your engagement level both on social media networks and success of the campaigns you have engaged with. This will help you review, evaluate and change course of action for further campaigns, as necessary.

brands can make most by using brand 360o

Show-off Numbers

CMOs, marketers and brand owners struggle to quantify social and digital worth, which is now possible on brand 360o. Completion of information during sign up helps you generate a score that would validate your efforts.

Find Relevance & Impact

Now, you don’t have to spend on the unknown. ‘Search’ on brand 360o allows you to knit-pick people who can impact your business. This will add focus to your marketing campaigns. The score is driven by reach, relevance and resonance.

ROI Tracking

We have solved the biggest pain point for marketers - calculation of ROI. Dashboards that help you report and track ROI helps you offer information on finger-tips within your team. No more heavy number crunching.

Analyze Effort

No marketing campaign is complete without insights. brand 360o offers insights across all the campaigns that you have engaged with.