influencer marketing platform - connecting influencers with brands

meet brands and increase visibility by using the score you receive. using the campaign manager, enhance your opportunities and get rewarded by a validated compensation all on one platform, brand 360. the influencer score helps you improve your degree of influence uniquely for each social platform. the platform also guides you build your reach, relevance and resonance to meet brands that can match your strength, personality and skill sets.

single dashboard, many networks. get a wholesome score

a step-by-step process that helps you calculate your influencer score and reach out to brands. a single- page, help guide that gets you started to explore undiscovered opportunities.

swift sign up and score calculation

get a complete score of your degree of influence among your network. brand360 algorithm calculates your score based on the information you provide during the sign-up process and the social networks linked to your profile. don’t forget to share your score among the social networks.

search and manage your campaigns

brands publish their campaigns, available in your campaign management library. search campaigns based on your criteria using filters. your score helps you determine your price. apply to those campaigns that match your specialization and get started. campaign deadlines, pricing can be tracked in the campaign manager module.

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