How do I become an Influencer?

Becoming an influencer on brand 360o is very easy. All you have to do is Sign up on brand 360o with your important social profiles and basic information about yourself. Calculate your score upon submitting all the necessary information and within 24 hours you will receive a score that can be shared with brands. You’re done! You are an Influencer after you complete these steps. .

I have a low score, how do I improve it?

brand 360o calculates your score based on your existing ability to influence your network. Your score will improve upon improving your influence. You will receive updates and tips about how to be a better influencer from our resourceful blog - Influence More. Stay subscribed to receive constant updates and improve your profile.

What are the social profiles that I can add?

We constantly update and add social and digital possibilities that will present your influence. When you reach the step - ‘Calculate Your Score’, you will find all the listed integrations which you can opt-in and you may choose the ones that are relevant to you.

Can I add my blogs?

Yes, brand 360o includes in the score, your ability to influence your network through your blog. You can add your blog.

I don’t find my social networking site that I want to add

We constantly add new social sites that will help in building your Influencer score. Stay subscribed to our blog - Influence More where we share updates about the social sites that are being added to the bandwagon. If you have a specific request, please share your request to with a subject line - Add new social site.

I need help in creating my profile as an Influencer. How can I reach your support team?

Feel free to share your request or feedback to and our team will revert with a response to help you create a profile.

How can I find brands?

The type of brands you want to reach out to can be found by a simple search of the campaigns available. Brands that have not posted any campaign remain dormant and cannot be found. However, all active brands with an active campaign that is not yet closed can be found.

How can I reach out to a brand with my proposal?

Choose a campaign that is within your field of expertise and accept it when you find it.

Why am I always reminded to complete my profile?

Brands prefer and approach those profiles that have completed information because that helps them find relevant influencers with a perfect score and the niche that they need to fulfill. To ensure that you are found, brand 360o has created gentle reminders which helps you complete your profile and be found by brands.

When do I get my payment?

As soon as a brand marks your campaign as complete, you will receive the payment into your account.

What is the encrypted id that is assigned to my profile?

This is a unique, system generated ID that is assigned to every user. This is used by brands to identify your profile and invite you for campaigns.

What is a campaign?

Campaign is a proposal designed by a brand to reach out to its audience or to achieve a certain brand objective. These can be customized to drive short form or long form content within a campaign. A campaign helps you understand the expectations of a brand and execute the tasks within the campaign. Each campaign has a certain budget assigned by the brand.

What is short form?

Short form is a content type that has restricted character length and most suitable for Twitter. However, any media that encourages content less than 140 characters would require short form content.

What is long form?

Long form is a content type that has unrestricted length. This is most suitable for visual media, blogs, articles and videos.

Why Connection is the new currency?

Each connection in today's economy adds monetary value to a business. People are more driven in engaging with newer acquaintances and creating a wider network to augment their objectives. Hence, connection is the new currency.

How to deactivate my account?

If you need any assistance with your account please reach out for assistance to However, if you have a strong reason to deactivitate/unsubscribe the account, please state your reason and send an email with the subject line [Deactivate Account] to